Calculate the size of cable

Find the cable size for given load 1) Find consumed load    Consumed load = Total load * Demand Factor (Kilo Watts)   And Define Voltage drop. 2) Find load in KVA (Kilo voltage ampere)   Consumed Load...

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Calculating Quantity of Earth by Knowing Dry Density Test of the Soil.

Task: To know the Density of the Soil in Kg/cum Objective: To determine the volume and weight of earth work for payment of royalty, excavation and filling by knowing the Density of the Soil. (unit of...

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Buying an Auto Level

Buying an Auto Level as asked with vendors is very simple, we need to know how much optical zoom we want and the company of choice. Yes its that simple. Auto Level comes with Shaft (Meteric or...

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Calculating Size and Storage Capacity of Cement Godowns

Storage Capacity of a Cement Godown: While working out the inside dimensions of a cement godown for storage of specified quantity of cement filled bags, the following dimensions may be considered....

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Constructing Parallel Line through a Point - Rhombus Method

Constructing Parallel Line using Rhombus ( ) How to construct a line parallel to a given line through a given point with compass and straightedge...

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Drawing Ellipse on the Site.

ellipse_foci_points.JPG, Dec 2016 What is Ellipse: (From: ) Ellipse is a squash circle having two Major Axis and Minor Axis with two focus points...

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LOW COST WIND MILL FOR WATER PUMPING - National Innovation Foundation

Wind Mill  Use of wind mill is one of the oldest methods of harnessing energy from wind to pump water. However, majority of the windmills available in the market are Aerodynamic windmills. These...

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Real estate goes to brightness in this Festival Of Lights after 4 years

A darkness of 4 years comes to end for real estate in gujarat in this festival of lights as sales of new flats increased from Navratri to Diwali. A bunch of developers said that number of bookings of...

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SSL Versus TLS Versus StARTTLS Emails

 STARTTLS means "explicit TLS" where the connection is established on regular port and then STARTTLS command is sent to initiate SSL handshake and switch to protection mode. Another option...

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Shifting and Moving Column and Row by Grabbing

Grabbing the side of a column, or row (#movecol) below the A-B-C column headers, you will see a line when you move, shift, or copy column(s).  When grabbling the left side of a column it must be below...

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Shrikhand Fonts - Jonny Pinhorn United Kingdom

Introduction: Jonny Pinhorn graduated from Birmingham Institute of Art & Design in 2008 with a 1st Class B.A. (Hons) degree in Visual communication. That same year he was accepted onto the highly...

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Solkar Devanagari Fonts By David from Rossetta Type Foundry.

Skolar - Gujarati Fonts Sholkar Gujarati Fonts  Nov 2016 Skolar by David Březina and Vaibhav Singh is an award-winning text serif, originally designed with scholarly and multilingual publications in...

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Fonts eot, woff, svg and cff used in web - What are They ?

Embedded Open Type (EOT) It is designed by Microsoft for use as embedded fonts on the web pages, font file uses *.eot extension and are only supported by IE. Embedded fonts discourages copying and...

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Which is better SASS or LESS ?

SASS and LESS are preprocessor languages and hot topic is which is better...?? DevTips says, dont worry about SASS or LESS until we rock solid let us say we become comfortable with using html and css...

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Responsive Web Design: Using rems to create responsive font sizes

Dr. Chris Lam explains about font size unites, pixels, em and rem. It is interesting video though little long about say 20 minutes but the way he explains gives us clear concept how to use pixel, em...

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Buyers Could Officially Buy Parking Lots by Clara Lewis TNN 30 OCt 2016

MUMBAI: Buyers will soon be able to officially buy a parking slot while purchasing a flat. The Maharashtra government is in the process of finalising rules for implementation of the Real Estate...

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State gets ready for new Agri Land Leasing Act, 2016

GANDHINAGAR: The Gujarat government is reportedly getting ready to adopt the 'Model Agricultural Land Leasing Act (ALL), 2016' proposed by Niti Ayog to increase mobility in transfer of possession of...

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Difference Between Server Operating System and DeskTop Operating Sytem: Which to Use ?

Such a nice Moring .. and Sal Mubarak day a Gujarati New Year Begining...So, lets start... With increase in cost of Windows operating system and then budgetary restrictions, prompted me to see Linux...

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How to make a Your own page in facebook

In todays era it is very important to use platform such as facebook to promote your product or service freely. so lets know about how to make your own page in facebook. Make Sure First you login with...

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Total station for Accurate Surveying..

Total station is a surveying equipment combination of Electromagnetic Distance Measuring Instrument and electronic theodolite . It is also integrated with microprocessor, electronic data collector and...

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