Diwali bonanza: Surat boss Gifted cars, flats and jewellery as bonus to his employees..

  Surat - The liquidity crisis may have dampened the spirits of the diamond industry this year but it's going to be a glittering festival of lights for nearly 1,200 employees of Harikrishna Exports, a...

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Retaining wall

A retaining wall is a structure designed and constructed to resist the lateral pressure of soil when there is a desired change in ground elevation that exceeds the angle of repose of the soil. A...

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IT Gandhinagar has forged an MOU with The New School in New York.

  IT Gandhinagar has forged an MOU with The New School in New York. The New School was founded in 1919 as a modern, progressive and free school. One of its autonomous colleges is the Parsons School of...

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બોજો દાખલ / ગીરો દાખલની અરજીનો નમુનો

બોજો દાખલ / ગીરો દાખલની અરજીનો નમુનો   file-page1.jpg, Oct 2016 file-page2.jpg, Oct 2016 Link :    ...

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ગુજરાત નો મહેસૂલી ઇતિહાસ

  માનવી ખેતી કરતાં શીખ્યો ત્યારથી ખેતીની જમીનને લગતા પ્રશ્નો ઉપસ્થિત થયા. આ પ્રશ્નો ક્યારેક સરળ તો ક્યારેક ગુંચવાડાભર્યા રહેતા, ક્યારેક સમાધાનથી, પંચોના નિકાલથી, જનપદ જેવી લોકશાહી રીતેનિકાલ થતા.સમયજતા...

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Methods of Calculatig Quantities.

Methods :- 1. Centre line method.      Centre line length of one wall = Inner dimention of room + Wall thickness                                                = Inner dimention of room + 1/2 ( Wall...

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Measurement Sheet and Abstract Sheet

Measurement Sheet : The quantities of various items involved in the structure are calculated using plan, elevation and section of the structure. For calculating the quantity of various item of the...

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Road construction types or methods.

The road construction types or methods are classified as below: Earth road and gravel road. Soil stabilized road. Water bound macadam road. Bituminous or black top road. Cement concrete road. Earth...

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Cofferdams :- A cofferdam is a temporary structure , which is constructed to remove water or exclude water from an area of excavation , either ground water or water laying above ground level , and...

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Tax Deduct at Source (TDS)

Procedure for TDS in Tally ERP 9: In Tally ERP 9, We can make account for expenses to imply TDS with the help of Payment Voucher, Journal Voucher or Purchase Voucher, as required. TDS is very easy in...

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Pile Foundation..

Pile Foundation : A pile is basically a long cylinder of a strong material such as concrete that is pushed into the ground to act as a steady support for structures built on top of it. Pile fondation...

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4P's Of Marketing or Marketing Mix

4P'S of Marketing or Marketing Mix: 4p's of Marketing is Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. it is a tool used by marketers to market thier product. it is also known as Marketing Mix. it's a basic...

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Tally ERP 9 short cut keys

Tally ERP 9 Short Cut Keys : Tally Short Cut Nos Short Cut Keys Description 1 F1 Select Company 2 ALt + F1 Shut or Close Company 3 F2 Change Current Date 4 Alt + F2 Change Period 5 F3 Select a...

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AutoCAD BREAK Command

BREAK Command You can create a gap between two specified points on an object, breaking it into two objects. If the points are off of an object, they are automatically projected on to the object. BREAK...

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Principles For Urban Design

Urban Design Principles: Planning to effectively meet the conditions and realities of a Post Carbon, Climate Responsible world will require a shift in our current understanding of what constitutes...

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Basic Process of Bituminous Road Construction

1. Preparation of the existing base course layer... The existing surface is prepared by removing the pot holes or rust if any. The irregularities are filled in with premix chippings at least a week...

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AutoCAD Hatch Command

Pick internal point Determines a boundary from existing objects that form an enclosed area around the specified point.   hatch_1.PNG, Oct 2016 Select objects Determines a boundary from selected...

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Overview of Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Formal Information of Goods and Service Tax (GST)

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