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Microsoft Outlook

Outlook Checking Attachment Size

This Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) example checks the size of the item after an attachment has been added and displays a warning if the size exceeds 500,000 bytes. The sample code must be placed in a class module such as ThisOutlookSession, and the TestAttachAdd() procedure should be called before the event procedure can be called by Microsoft Outlook. Public WithEvents newItem As Outlook.MailItem

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Outlook Finding Sender Emails from List of Email

Following is VBA code which can be useful to find the Senders Email from Outlook Messages

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Strip Attachment in Outlook

How we can strip say remove attachments from email when it arrives in outlook folder or to remove the attachments in existing email. Following is a VBA code to remove or say strip outlook attachments. While Ihave attached a zip file having module of VBA where I have applied this code.

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Outlook minimize to the Notification Area ?

This is possible with Outlook 2002 when you add a registry setting and is even the default for Outlook 2003 (rightclick the Outlook icon in the Outlook icon in the Notification Area and deselect "Hide when minimized" to toggle it). For previous versions of Outlook you'll need to use third party software like Actual Title Buttons which lets you minimize every possible window to the Notification Area or download HideOutlook just for Outlook.

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Microsoft Outlook - Recall Send Message

Outlook: How to Recall a Sent Message Contributed by shamanstears  October 7, 2006 ShareThis  Tagged: Microsoft Outlook  Have you ever clicked send on a message and then remembered that you forgot to attach that important file, or realized you put the wrong time down for a meeting? Outlook allows you the option of recalling a sent message. Here’s how:

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